Motorcycle Insurance in Sherwood Park, Edmonton and Surrounding Areas

You know riding a motorcycle has its own special risks that go along with its own feeling of freedom. That’s why Meyer’s offers your own special protection with motorcycle insurance in Sherwood Park.

In addition to mandatory registration, you need insurance to ride your motorcycle in Alberta, which includes third-party liability, accident benefits and uninsured vehicles. The right insurance provides adequate protection for you, your passengers and other motorists.

You also want to keep your coverage throughout the entire year. First, you may want to ride on an occasional nice day. Second, motorcycle insurance rates are not only adjusted fairly for the winter off-season but also give you protection for damage or loss your bike could suffer when it is off the road, such as:

  • Vandalism or theft
  • Wind or flood damage
  • Fire or falling objects

Factors Affecting Your Motorcycle Insurance Coverage

Are you a beginning rider with a standard bike, an active sport bike enthusiast or a collector of the finest classic motorcycles? Meyer’s Insurance will work with you to ensure you have the coverage you need. We offer various options and limits to tailor motorcycle insurance to best fit your riding habits, type of bike and safety training.

Sit down with one of our insurance experts to discuss the factors that can save you money, including:

  • Buying a cruiser rather than a sports bike
  • Choosing the right performance level for your abilities
  • Lowering your annual mileage to lower your rate
  • Having a clean driving record
  • Taking a motorcycle safety course
  • Riding solo rather than with passengers
  • Storing your motorcycle in a secure garage

Motorcycle Insurance in Sherwood Park

Before you go out to buy the ride of your dreams, let’s discuss your motorcycle insurance in Sherwood Park. Contact us for a consultation, and we will help you make your dream real and affordable. Meyer’s Insurance has all the details.