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Our team will help you find an insurance plan that meets your needs. We align with many excellent insurance companies in Edmonton and throughout Canada, so we can provide you with flexibility, in addition to safety and stability. We also offer a number of discounts, including a good driver discount that rewards good drivers with lower rates.

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In Sherwood Park, Edmonton and Surrounding Areas

Your home shelters everything you treasure. It protects your family from the elements, and it safely stores your valuables, like your car or family heirlooms. But what protects your home?  Click here for more info.


Do I Really Need Tenant Insurance in Edmonton?

Consider this scenario: Imagine a faulty appliance starts a fire in your kitchen. The fire spreads through your apartment, destroying your valuables, and making your home unlivable for a time. Trying to replace your belongings after this type of disaster can leave you penniless. In other words, yes, tenant insurance can prove to be an extremely viable, not to mention intelligent, investment. Click here for more info.


Stay Safe on the road with Edmonton and Sherwood Park Car Insurance

A car accident can happen to anyone. Regardless of your history as a cautious driver behind the wheel of a safe and reliable vehicle, a collision is a constant possibility. In the event of such an unfortunate incident, with the right type of auto insurance, you won’t feel the bank-breaking effects of having to pay medical treatment and car repair expenses out-of-pocket. Click here for more info.


Sherwood Park Chamber of Commerce Group Insurance

Insurance Discounts for Members and Their Employees. Click here for more info.