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Insurance Rates: The Logic of Deductibles
-Posted on Jan. 27, 2015-

Shopping for insurance in Edmonton can be confusing. Monthly premiums are variable, deductibles are variable, and the benefits of each plan are different. Finding the right insurance company for you will depend on several factors. Some people find it more helpful to work with an agent or an insurance broker to find the best plans to fit their circumstances.

Some common questions people have about their insurance more

Think You Don't Need Tenant Insurance? Think Again.
-Posted on Jan. 27, 2015-

It's been raining all day, but you need a break from your routine and decide to go out for dinner. Time away from work and home rejuvenates you, and you feel more relaxed than ever as you ride home. But when you walk through the front door, the carpet feels odd under your feet. You look around as the dampness reaches your pant leg and take in the water damage: wet carpet, fried electronics, and warped wood.

If you have Edmonton tenant insurance, this is a frustrating but tolerable experience. After all, insurance will help you replace your belongings and more

How to Avoid 6 Factors that Increase Your Business Insurance.
-Posted on Feb. 4, 2015-

For your business to thrive, you need to balance long term viability against short term benefits. For this reason, companies face tough choices when selecting their commercial insurance. You need to find an insurance company that will protect your company, while also finding ways to save money.

When you need to save on business insurance in Edmonton, your first priority should be to reduce your premiums. One effective method more

11 Tricks to Save on Homeowners Insurance
-Posted on Feb. 4, 2015-

Many Canadians dream of owning their own home. For some, owning a home is the pinnacle of financial success and independence. For others, home ownership means safety, security, and comfort.

Even though your home means the world to you, home ownership requires you to think about and plan for the worst. Fires, blizzards, and burglaries can happen to anyone at any time. For these reasons, every homeowner should invest in homeowners insurance.

Although it may seem pessimistic to ponder all that could go wrong, homeowners insurance doesn’t have to be a somber topic. By learning how to save on your insurance policy, you can turn a sobering topic into a happy one. Here are 11 ways you can save on your homeowners insurance more